CAC offers variety of Services from imparting skill development training to post -enterprise establishment marketing linkages too. We are experienced in imparting qualitative and quantitative training on natural fiber extraction, processing, making crafts and export quality products using the fiber; especially banana fiber at any skill qualification council norms and standards. Our model of enterprises establishment under legal registered 'CBOs' exclusively for women and men separately and both are successful and innovative with long-term sustainable measures. Our marketing platforms, linkages with national international level marketers and various strategies of promotional and direct sales make our customers and various production units and enterprises income-driven and successful.

Skill Training

CAC Offers quality training on banana fiber extraction, processing, fiber based crafts and products at your desired places. Our senior and experienced master trainers who received commendation and awards from the Prime Minister will train you. We offer training on banana fiber crafts of more than 85 types that are potential for flexible working at home, as industry etc. for business and income.

Legal Assistance

The traditional concept of skill training and leave trainees on their own is outdated and nothing can be done. Hence CAC has focused and exclusive concepts and proven model of trainee groups through legal and statutory registrations making them eligible to get grants, subsidies and loans and thus long-term sustainable growth and income sources.

Working Partnership

CAC Offers work partnership for NGOs, SHGs, Industries, firms and individuals who are trained under CAC and are capable of producing quality fiber crafts. CAC has such 8 production units and working partners that make quality items regularly and get paid. 

CAC has now such partners in 4 states of South India; Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu and Kerala. with NGOs, SHGs, Industries and individuals etc. 

Enterprises Establishment

Our model of legal and statutory CBOs are innovative, legitimate and long-term sustainable models only over both urban and rural settlements. We offer total help in legalization, capital raising, working financial needs, technical assistance, tools, machinery, equipment and linkages with resource agencies, start-ups, ministries, banks etc. and thus establishment of feasible and potential enterprises. 

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