Our New Project for Disabled People

Our Future Vision Project for Disabled Welfare:


There are thousands of poor people of socially, economically and educationally backward in rural villages who want to have their and their children and beloved ones’ LIFE-EVENTS to be organized in grand as of other people. But their intense longing remain un-fulfilled as their financial constraints and poor social status are always a hindrance factor. Though there are Community Halls for these purposes established, they are not being beneficial for these families due to many “hurdles” and “eligibilities” these majority people need to overcome. Often they are being questioned of their “priority” booking for the service of such halls. And also such halls are only available in Mandal and Revenue head quarters, which need much travel and other expenses, which these families cannot afford.

And so this idea that we selected is for all scheduled castes/tribe and back ward communities in both socially and economically who cannot afford a Function Hall for their inevitable and memorable needs and moments in life like marriage, birthday functions, funerals, religious ritual for the living as well as dead and such many of one’s typical life. Though there are community halls constructed for communities, they are not being reached to many due to various reasons.

The Concept and Model:

The concept is that to develop a Mobile Function Hall with all basic structures, chairs, facilities like lights, stage etc. as of a decorated Function Hall and wherever a poor family who are socially and economically need to organize a function can be used this Mobile Function Hall by paying a nominal Fee for transportation and other consumptions related to, so to have the function held as of others with head held high. We plan to make such 3 types of Halls available to a 4 Mandals.

The functioning, ownership, running and profit sharing will be a legal entity owned by disabled people. And the income from these business will be used to provide support devices, aid, pension and financial support to other needy disabled lives around. 

The Aid and Basic Facility the Project Plans toProvides:

  • Disabled People's Pension

  • Dry ration Support for deserving disabled people


  • Physiotherapy Center

  • Provision of Latest Disabled people's Aid/Mobility Devices/Machinery

  • Exclusive Skilling & Enterprising Center 

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