Our Visitors and Events

Students from University of Fashion Design, Bangalore:

As part of Research on Banana Products and especially Banana Fiber Based Textile raw items of fiber yarns, threads and also to study about crafts, two research students visited CAC's one of the production unit at Tenali. 

Visiting the training cum production center at Morrispet, Tenali, Guntur district, they collected the technology and models of CAC's initiatives. According to them, the center is one of the finest one that have banana fiber based crafts and products manufacturing group in South India. 

MPDO, Surpunch and Team (MPDO):

One of our partner and production center at Amarthaluru of Tenali Revenue Division, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, South India was visited by MPDO, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh along with Officials from MEPMA, DWMA, NREGS etc. 

Later the MPDO intiatited to incorporate the Banana Fiber Based Crafts Training Programme into their ongoing skill development programme and cottage industries. 

Now there are one common enterprise under which more than 30 artisan women work and there are individual artisan too. 

UNESCO Clubs of Andhra Pradesh:

Knowing the inventiveness and promising income source enhancement for rural women and promotional activities of CAC of rural artifacts and handicrafts, the UNESCO - CUCAI Clubs of Andhra Pradesh came to one of our NGO run production center and enterprise. The representation visiting the center opined that the innovation, products finishing and quality is excellent and of course the initiatives are 100% suitable for women of all categories even physically challenged and differently-abled people too. 

SHG Leaders and Municipal Counselor:

The Municipal counselor and a group of SHG leaders visited the administrative cum sales dispatch office at Checnhupet in 2019. The purpose of the visit was to know more of CAC's works and to have small units to be, if possible,  established at their respective wards and villages. 


"According to us, the center is one of the finest one that have banana fiber based crafts making and products manufacturing group in South India"

Ms. Aishwarya and Ms. Anita Wilson

Researchers, Bangalore


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