ABOUT CAC and the Team
The CAC Team

The Founding Story of CAC:

Center for Andhraparis Crafts is a Women's Own Firm promoted by the support of International Monetary Fund (IMF) to promote the rural crafts and 100% natural daily used products to plastic and such harmful materials to environmental, physical and Earth. The research, product design and feasibility studies were started as part Enterprising Promotion under a Project that was supported by IMF. The first of the work was started in a small rented single room at Tenali, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, South India. Starting the banana and other natural fiber plants/trees fiber extraction and making few products of weaving mats and handicrafts, their initiatives have been progressive since then with an aim to reach to more wide and potential markets and development.

Now the CAC make, manufacture and produce more than 85 types of crafts and products by using Banana Waste; from fiber extraction & fiber trade to variety of products that are of daily used to commercial products too. CAC presently provides skill training on banana and other natural fiber crafts, products, services for company/Firm/Cooperative Registration and establishment of cottage industries, enterprises and business opportunities under Franchise and dealership etc. CAC presently has 3 production units the under the Concept “Waste to Worth and Womanhood” being formed women or rural and urban slums into Cooperatives and their own enterprises. CAC also takes up working partnership with NGOs and SHGs for training and production of fiber crafts and products and marketing of their produces too. CAC has now such partnerships with 3 states groups; Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Mrs. M. Lakshmi  is a graduate and she was enthusiastic and passionate in social works and promoting skill development and enterprising for women and girls towards a sustainable step for income and livelihood. Thus she joined the CVN's skill development training programmes under its Programme "SARAH Skill Centers" on banana fiber based crafts and especially the Sanitary pads making techniques. She was a successful trainee and shown exceptional interest and commitment during the trainings. 

Thus upon the successful completion of the trainings, she was elected as a Managing Partner of the firm CAC and she is the present MD of CAC. Her flair and exceptional zeal and competency is the very asset of CAC in its successful business and success.

        M. Lakshmi

MD and Managing Partner

Hailing from a rural village, Ms. Renu Mohan is the present Director of Operations she was enthusiastic on the idea of Banana fiber based crafts. She was engaging in voluntary social work under NGOs that work over south Indian states and while working for the income generation and livelihood support of rural people, she found that many of the “skill training trades or job roles” were outdated and good for nothing. She was thinking at the innovative ideas and concepts that can provide promising source of monthly income and thus to livelihood to people. And thus she came to the banana fiber extraction and selling of the raw fiber. And thus later when the others joined to his idea, the initiative became a sustainable model with vast range of products and inventiveness.

This dynamic young person is a distinguished voluntary worker. She is a graduate in Social Work and she also holds many positions and serves the rural and urban slum people and communities in many ways. And now he is the Managing Partner and Director of CAC making the exclusive women's firm at its best strategic planning and execution of its business, marketing and growth.

      Ms. Renu Mohan

   Director and  Partner

With long-time experience with many national, corporate and international companies in India as Manager, Accounts Officer and Team leader, Gundala Rajani is presently serves the CAC Advisor and Accounts Officer. CAC is privileged to have her as advisor as she is with a large fund of experience and specialized in Company Accounting, Modern softwares, Products Designs, Administration and imparting training. He is also community development facilitator who established few enterprises and producer organizations over rural villages and handed over to the SHG men/women groups after forming them into specific CBOs and legally registered Cooperatives and MACTs and Partnerships etc.

            G. Rajani

Adviser & Accounts Officer


Mrs. B. Dhamayanthi serves the CAC as one of the Directors taking up the responsibilities of company’s research, design and growth. She has vast experience of working with many national and international development facilitating organizations and Agencies in India, particularly over South India. It is he who designed many of CAC’s present innovative concepts and makes the growth of CAC through them. She is also an experienced and passionate voluntary worker for more than 15 years as project team leader, resource person, trainer and organizer.

      Mrs. B. Dhamayanthi

       Director & Partner

An enthusiastic and dynamic young woman having long professional experience with for profits and non-profits companies and organizations in South India particularly working with rural communities on Livelihood, Environment and Agriculture, Ms. Indraja now serves CAC as the Administrative Head conscientious for outward trainings and CAC’s production units across South India.

          Ms. Indraja

       Administrative Officer

Our Master Trainers

With a prolonged 15 years of training experience on various job roles and fiber based crafts and products exclusively. She is one of the senior Master Trainers of CAC. She is expert in not only banana fiber crafts, but well-versed in embroidery, maggam and zardosi works too. She has imparted training in many of Indian states. And she is the recipient of Award from the honourable Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi in 2017.

          Akula Rajeswari

           Master Trainer

She is a solely an expert trainer on banana based crafts for more than 10 years of experience in training on various rural raw materials based crafting, artifacts and handicrafts. She is associated with CAC as a Master Trainer and team leader of trainers of CAC. She has also travelled to many South India states for training rural and urban women on banana fiber based products.

          K. Venkat Lakshmi

           Master Trainer

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