CAC is an initiative that facilitates rural skill development training on natural fiber especially banana based crafts & commercial products of 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable, marketing, establishment of Cooperatives, Firms etc. and enterprises for rural and urban lives for promising source of income and livelihood. 

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Hand Bags

Quality Banana Fiber Bags that  are of weaved and fiber paper bags of variety sizes, qualities and perfectly finished ones to use in all occasions.


Banana Fiber Covers of designed for carrying and keeping CDs/DVDs, Mobile Phones, Tablets, IDs, Rations Cards and such itmes.


Mats that are of square, pentagon and round shaped to use on dining table, office table, kitchen, room, floor, outer entrance and for all such needs.


Comfortable, cool, elegant and natural feeling floor mats and doormats and living room spreading mats etc. in various sizes, designs and plan too.

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Door Curtains
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Design and plain  curtains for door, wall, room, living room, corridor curtains of various sizes for all seasons and weather 100% healthy and natural living.

Numerous decorative materials and products designed elegantly for rooms, offices, halls and to decorate party halls, event-halls/arena etc. 

Various types baskets and hanging cages to use in kitchen, rooms, living rooms, refrigerator sides, carrying miscellaneous items, shopping, carry vegetables 

Raw banana fiber, fiber threads for cloth making and to use in markets, bokeh, garlands making units, hotels, grocery shops etc. for various purposes.

"HYGIDAY" Sanitary Pads of CAC

"Waste to Worth and Womanhood"

"Bio-Fetilizers and Pesticides"

Over the millions of rural villages, districts, towns and cities across India, menstruation remain a biological event shrouded in mystery and taboo, not to be spoken about openly. According to a study 355 million is the number of menstruating women in India, accounting for nearly 30 per cent of the country’s population. Menstruation continues to be a subject of gender disparity in India. Women’s usage of hygiene products is limited due to a lack of affordability, little availability in rural areas, inadequate health education, social stigma, and issues with proper disposal (Chemicals/plastics).
And so CAC introduced an affordable, bio-degradable, 0% harmful to environment/skin/body, compostable, washable, comfortable, hygienic and healthy sanitary pads through localized manufacturing at providing employment to women, marketing networks, business opportunities, income options to farmers/suppliers, empowering communities etc. Thus this sustainable model contributes to the women’s welfare/empowerment and environment. Thus to create women’s work force over the rural settlements of Andhra Pradesh, South India.​
The CAC plans to manufacture purely organic compost and fertilizer using the banana waste after extracting fiber along with the banana peels. And aprt from that CAC also plans manufacture co-composted shredded Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) with fishery/chicken wastes, banana mulch wastes, vegetable/flower market wastes and aerobically composted slaughterhouse wastes etc. on carbon/nitrogen ratio. combinations of banana residues and chicken manure or leguminous plants are highly decomposed compared to untreated one. The use of leguminous plants and/or chicken/fishery/slaughterhouse waste manure enhance the composting process significantly compared to the effect of Bioquick.
Thus CAC is to invest in banana waste based 100% natural and nutrient bio-fertilizer manufacturing and promotion to save the Soil, Farmers and the nation through healthy crops. As we plan to promote the sales through farmers groups, various farming communities' CBOs, FPOs and SHGs, there will be direct marketing and income benefits and cost-effectiveness for farming families' agro-investments and reducing cost of cultivation too. 

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